Carina & Giorgio

In 2022 we, Carina and Giorgio, chose to leave the Netherlands and Uruguay and start a new adventure together.
A new adventure in Mallorca..!

We have been fans of this wonderful island for years. But now that we live there permanently, we enjoy the incredibly beautiful nature, the ‘laid back’ life, the friendly people and the wonderful climate even more.
Life in Mallorca gives us an intense feeling of freedom. We don’t regret moving to this amazing place.



We live in the picturesque village of Moscari, at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the municipality of Selva.
Moscari has only 500 inhabitants. A fantastic place to live and work.

By traveling and living in different places in the world, we have found out what we value in our lives:

-Feeling at home somewhere and living life to the fullest-

We try to embrace the (new) culture by making connections with the locals, to experience, to learn, but also just by doing.

We feel at home in Mallorca.

We would love to share this beautiful feeling with you during your stay in Mallorca.

We want to do things differently, different from the masses. 
We like a personal approach. Experience together, work together with the locals, and showing you this beautiful island in a sustainable and pure way. We do this, among other things, by organizing small-scale (local) experiences with a small group of people. 

We call it  Slow Travel.

Tips Mallorca

What is Slow travel!?
“Slow travel is an alternative tourism choice as opposed to mass tourism.
Slow tourism is part of the family of sustainable tourism, differs from
mainstream tourism and emphasizes the greater personal awareness of the tourist”
(Source: Wikipedia)

Maybe nice to know we met during Carina’s journey through South America in 2019. It was love at first sight and now we have been a good team for more than 4 years (if we do say so ourselves ;-).

We have both gained a lot of work experience over the years in (4 and 5 stars) hotels, setting up and running a glamping site completely independently and working as a tour guide.

In addition, Carina has completed the necessary training in the hotel, event, and tourism industry. We think it is important to give our guests a good feeling during their stay.

Oh yes, Carina is also a professional photographer, so that always means nice photos during your experience 😉. 

We look forward to meeting you and giving you a great experience in Mallorca! 


Carina & Giorgio